First United Methodist Church Ellwood City
Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Rev. Angelique O. Bradford, Pastor

Intentional Faith Development

     . . . the way we purposefully

               learn, grow, extend ourselves,

                    and mature in faith together.

     Sunday School
          We have Sunday School classes for all ages - Find one that suits you.
     I decided to do a little research about the history of Sunday School. The Sunday School movement began in Britain in the 1780’s, and soon spread to America. This is taken from Christianity Today. It’s from the article, When Did Sunday Schools Start? by Timothy Larsen.
     “By the mid-19th century, Sunday School attendance was a near universal aspect of childhood. Even parents who did not regularly attend church themselves generally insisted that their children go to Sunday School. The Bible was the textbook used for learning to read. Many children learned to write by copying out passages from the Scriptures. They also looked forward to annual highlights such as prize days, parades, and picnics, which came to mark the calendars of their lives as much as more traditional seasonal holidays.”
     Sunday School continues to be important in American families, as children and adults gather together in their churches to study and better understand the Bible, and the message of salvation, for their lives. The Sunday School teachers of our own church are dedicated to planning and preparing each Sunday for the children and adults of this church. I want to thank them for sharing their love and giving of their time. They are amazing! We are blessed!  ~Sandi Rectenwald
     Vacation Bible School

          Vacation Bible School is held in June.
     God's Hand
          Please share what God has done in YOUR life.  

     Bible Study
          Pastor's Lenten Study
Sunday Worship
Sunday School: 9:45 AM
Worship Service:  11:00 AM
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