First United Methodist Church
Saturday, January 25, 2020
Rev. Angelique O. Bradford, Pastor

Sunday School

We have Sunday School Classes for children and adults.  Please join us!
Sunday School starts at 9:45am.

Sunday School Classes for Children and Youth

          Sunday School Superintendent - Sandi Rectenwald
               Craft Leader - Brenda Lance


     Ages Birth to Preschool

     Our lessons will include story time, videos, song, dance, games, crafts, and play.  This is an active age group that needs to be constantly changing things up!

     Kindergarten and Grades One and Two

     Grades Three through Five

Sandi Rectenwald
     The energy and enthusiasm of this age group is contagious and so much fun! We are going to embrace technology this year. I will be encouraging them to BRING their cell phone or tablet to church. If they don't have one, they can share with someone. I know this might seem a bit radical to some, but most of the kids are already doing just that. There are so many amazing Christian websites which they can learn about and utilize in their walk with Christ. I will teach them how to look up scripture online, how to look at prayer sites, Christian musicians and videos, games, and more. We will keep our "real" Bibles a priority, and encourage them to bring their Bible to church.  We will read from our Bible, begin memorizing the books, and scriptures.  The real Bible will come first, and technology second, but it's important that they learn where they can find positive resources on the Web. We are going to focus on prayer, and praying for one another, in a huge way this year.  We plan to have a "prayer request" bulletin board upstairs for the kids to add prayers to, and to pray for others from. Please keep my class, and all of the classes, in your thoughts and prayers. Thank You! 

     Grades Six through Twelve

Jerry Rectenwald

     The teenage years are a time when faith and culture can clash for the first time in a young person’s life.  In the Jr./Sr. High Class, we explore the Christian faith – simply and honestly.  We seek to be equipped so that we can live-out our faith and make a difference for God; while growing closer in a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


Adult Sunday School Classes


     Altruistic Class

John and Steven Miller
     The Altruistic Class focuses on fellowship and good discussion.  The class will be following a DVD series about the Birth and Development of the Early Church.  Intimidated?  You shouldn't be.  Don't even worry about joining the class halfway through the year.  You'll fit right in!  The class meets in the Altruistic room just outside the sanctuary.  We hope to see you there!!

     Ladies' Class

Ann Tweddell
     Are you a woman who sometimes feels like you don’t know where you belong?  Well look no further.  The Ladies’ Sunday School class is for you!  We will meet Sunday mornings at 9:45 downstairs in the Fellowship Hall.  Our class will focus on God’s calling in our lives, being Christ-centered women, and finding Biblical encouragement to help us through the problems that we face.  Don’t worry if you had to rush out the door or things are not going as you had planned.  You don’t have to look perfect, or say all the right words – just come.  We want you with us.  Let’s grow together in faith, hope, and love.

     United Fellowship Class

     The United Fellowship meets every Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m. in the Lounge (the room off the Library area).  If you are not participating in a Sunday School class at this time, you might want to consider joining us.  All are welcome.

Sunday Worship
Sunday School: 9:45 AM
Worship Service:  11:00 AM
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