First United Methodist Church
Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Rev. Angelique O. Bradford, Pastor


     Our congregation is making a renewed effort to keep in touch consistently and thoroughly with all those of our church family.  Such efforts are referred to as ‘Shepherding’, in church lingo.  Once an individual has become a part of the life of our church (even briefly or infrequently), we must make every effort to continue to make that person feel welcome.  And, in the busyness of our lives and ministries, we must never ‘lose track’ of people.  Awareness and communication are the key features of Shepherding.
     We are asking the congregation to assist by doing a few simple things.  These most typically apply to Sunday morning worship, but are applicable for any church event:
  • Please always sign the attendance pads so that your attendance may be recorded
  • Please keep an eye out for newcomers and infrequent attendees and make sure they are welcomed (greet everyone warmly, of course)
  • Please be aware of absentees – especially consecutive and/or more frequent absences and alert church to your concern. Also, please try to contact them to let them know that you miss them and are thinking about them.
  • Please give the Shepherding Team a heads up on attendance issues that you notice and/or you have information on (newcomers, absentees, etc.)
  • Please let the Shepherding Team know about your own situation as it may relate to your own absence
Let’s work together to care for one another in a manner that is enriching to the body and pleasing to the Lord.
      Thank you,
The Shepherding Team,
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