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Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Rev. Angelique O. Bradford, Pastor
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Carpenter's Project

 Synopsis of The Carpenter’s Project 2016 By Steven Miller

15th Year of The Carpenter’s Project

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     The 15th summer work week of The Carpenter’s Project was full of increases in numbers. Obviously the temperatures increased from last year because every day was at or above the 90 degree mark. The number of volunteers increased this year in regards to all three categories: youth, worksite adults, and non-worksite adults. A lot of volunteers participated for the first time with The Carpenter’s Project. The number of churches increased too. The number of homes worked on increased from last year. The amount of items and money donated to the food bank improved. I’m sure that I could include other random numbers that went up such as the amount of water consumed, attendance at the Sunday evening service, etc., but I will stop there.
     I will not stop talking about our large, diverse group of people that perform some great work for residents of the Ellwood City and Riverside school districts. We had over 225 volunteers this year. We had 50 youth volunteers and 70 adult volunteers on worksites. Additionally we had over 100 adults participating in non-worksite roles. The 225+ volunteers represented 32 different churches! These diverse volunteers worked together to perform 83 projects on 57 homes. I absolutely love those last two numbers.
     Those two numbers might not seem possible, but we had 19 crews that persevered through the heat to do some amazing things for homeowners. The 19 crews consisted of 8 paint crews, 7 carpentry crews, 1 big cement crew, 1 big brush crew, 1 power wash crew, and 1 window crew. All crews were greatly assisted by our non-worksite help too. The worksite and non-worksite volunteers worked together to help 57 families.
     One of those 57 families was my family. This year was especially tough for me and my family. My mother’s health has decreased a lot, especially during the last month/week. She most likely will not be here much longer, but her face was so bright when she saw pictures of the beautiful railing that was installed at her house. Even though she may never see it personally, the work that was performed meant so much to her. She was only one of 57 families impacted by the work of our amazing volunteers. Improving upon 57 homes can be done, and I hope that next year brings an increase in numbers to every category because what we do means a lot to a lot of people. Thank you so much.
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